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Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants was set up in 2014 by Peter Adediran founder and owner of PAIL® Solicitors, a London based UK law firm,  to assist sophisticated investors who have been bullish enough to purchase cryptocurrency at their lows and have seen massive returns. According to coindesk.com, in July 2010 Bitcoin (BTC) to US Dollar (USD) or BTC/USD was a fraction of a cent $0.08 to be exact. In five days, the price grew 1000%, rising from between $0.003 to $0.008 to $0.08 for 1 bitcoin. In 2017 the Bitcoin day price peaked over $6000. That means if you had a $100 of BTC in 2010 you would have over $75 million dollars in 2017. However, cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and you risk losing part or all of your investment if you choose to buy them. Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants was formed to meet the demand for tools to help manage the risks involved in the cryptocurrency world.

i.e. Formula: 100 / 75000000 * 100

To put the equation into simpler figures at one point BTC was under a $1 then it rose to $807 around December 2016 that is a rise of over 80,000% in any initial purchase.

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Why have we staked our future on Cryptocurrency?

– Cryptocurrencies are inherently valuable.

– Cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the future. People, corporations and governments will eventually adopt cryptocurrencies; it is inevitable.

– As advances are made the quality of the cryptocurrencies can only improve.

– Cryptocurrencies represent a benefit to business models as they reduce infrastructure and overhead costs.

– Security resilience for cryptocurrencies can only improve.

– Short-term volatility of cryptocurrency market prices is not only manageable; it can be exploited to make exceptional profits.

– Hacking is infeasible on the cryptocurrency blockchain level. Hacking is only a significant risk at cryptocurrency exchange or wallet level.

In summary we believe in CCs because:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Mostly operated by a decentralised authority
  • No physical asset
  • They are the currency of the future

Weakness of Cyrptocurrencies

– Unlike fiat currencies many of the cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum are immature. Bitcoin had nearly no value until 2011 having emerged in 2009. Ethereum was only a few years old released in 2015.

– Significant portions of the cryptocurrency infrastructure have yet to be developed.

– Cryptocurrency market capital value is small. While Bitcoin has the most substantial market capital value, followed by Ethereum, their market value is low relative to other investments such as fiat currencies, shares or bonds.  The lesser known alternative cryptocurrency coins have minimal market cap value.

– Cryptocurrencies are prone to hacking which can lead to a total collapse overnight.

– Cryptocurrency wash trading, pump and dump cycles and other types of price manipulation are a common occurrence on cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly with initial coin offerings.

– Cryptocurrencies are prone to scamcoins with many initial coin launches failing or simply being Ponzi schemes.

So what is a Cryptocurrency Consultancy?

Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants is a professional service consultancy. With the assistance of specialist legal & regulatory knowledge and experience from our specialist lawyers, innovative technology, up-to-date information, and  know-how we provide research support for clients who would like to launch an initial coin offering or exploit arbitrage opportunities; help high net worth and institutional clients who are building cryptocurrency portfolios balance risk; and provide information on secure wallet and cold nano storage escrow services.


Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants use legal experience and knowledge, technology, smart know-how and expert support to assist clients who have already built diversified Appcoin portfolios navigate the risks on buying Cryptocurrencies including volatile fluctuations in market capitalisation (number of coins available*current market price =MC), price movements within the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Along with that, we use our trade secret methods and due diligence to research the best ICOs, We research Cryptocurrencies to invest in for the long term (at least 10 years) and provide information on information technology security.


In cryptocurrency knowing what you are buying is everything. We provide due diligence on cryptocurrency whitepaper viability, exchange liquidity, mining, institutional information to help our clients make their own decisions on understanding the viability of buying a cryptocurrency.


We rely on well established good practices including providing research papers on how our members can spread their investments across a wide range of well-chosen cryptocurrencies on reliable trading exchanges.


We can monitor members accounts are an issue alerts on price changes. Any investment life cycle (when to buy, when to sell) should be relatively risk-averse considering the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies. Our golden rule is that we keep cryptocurrency safe. Cryptocurrency success is about investing for the long term to use cryptocurrencies as a store of value. When we decide to research a cryptocurrency it is always for the right reasons because we see a unique benefit of that cryptocurrency to the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. We aim to provide the research information that will keep our members’ informed of how to secure their cryptocurrency so that if a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet should be hacked without any warning. We maximise the chances of members keeping their cryptocurrency safe (your capital is at risk).


At Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants we provide research information to help members build their portfolios themselves including Bitcoin and altcoins both centralised and decentralised. Bitcoin is the most popular and straightforward to understand. However, we believe that other coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Tron, Dragonchan, Electroneom, Ark, Wax, Salt, Neblio and many more are viable. We do not ever recommend cryptocurrencies which are extremely volatile and you may lose all of your capital. *N.B. If you are ever approached by anyone recommending cryptocurrency to you claiming that they represent Optireum or are sanctioned by Optireum do not believe them. Optireum never recommends any cryptocurrency we just provide research information and due diligence on cryptocurrency.

Optireum Consultants Eligibility Requirements

We only provide our research services to sophisticated purchasers who have already built an Appcoin portfolio valued at a minimum of €100,000.00 at the date of applying to join the Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants service.

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