Consulting and Strategy For Buying Appcoins

If you knew in 2010 you could buy $100 worth of bitcoin when each unit was worth just a fraction of a cent and receive a return of $70 million dollars in 2017, would you spend that $100? If you already have a CC portfolio valued at a minimum of €100,000.00 on the date of your application to join the service and you understand the risk of capital loss you can apply to become a member of Optireum and get access to due diligence and expert research information on protecting your cryptocurrency portfolio. (Capital is at risk)

Our Services

Optireum is a cryptocurrency consultancy service.

With the assistance of an in-depth understanding of the cryptocurrency life cycle, and information technology security methodologies, due-diligence and research information on good trading practices, Optireum provides a trusted way to achieve cryptocurrency success (capital is at risk).

You have built a cryptocurrency portfolio. We provide research on sophisticated methods and closely monitor your cryptocurency portfolio providing alerts to secure it from threats and to mitigate risk.

Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants are the smart way to get clarity on Cryptocurrency.

Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants’ services are only accessible to a select number of members which never exceeds an internal prescribed limit.

What Optireum can provide

– Access Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants’ legal & regulatory experience and  innovative intelligent know-how provided to help you get ready for a successful Initial Coin Offering. 

– Keep your diversified portfolio of top performing Cryptocurrencies safe around the clock throughout the year with our due-diligence, research and security information.

– Utilise Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants’ best knowledge and analysis within the cryptocurrency marketplace. 

– Create Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants’ membership with just a €100,000.00 value portfolio (value on the date of your application) to leverage your arbitrage opportunities and strategies. 

– Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants provide you with alerts, monthly or quarterly updated information about your trading positions and the total value and security of your account. 

– Join Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants to profit from our understanding of the ins and outs of cryptocurrency security, advantages of a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio and first class market market research analyses.

Your Benefits

What do we do for you?

Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants provides research information which gives you the clarity to make your own decisions regarding existing diversified CC portfolio. Your portfolio must have a minimum value of €100,000.00 at the joining date for you to be accepted as a member. We provide information alerts on the top performing CCs or we can provide due-diligence and research reports on your existing CC portfolio that you created and monitor it for you to optimise performance.

Optireum Cryptocurrency Consultants can assist you in a successful launch and fund raising for an ICO by providing key legal and regulatory advice  (risk of all capital loss).

We send you performance charts, up to date analyses and research information summary of how you have allocated your capital and keeping your cryptocurrecies secure.

We make recommendations on storage of cryptocurrencies.

We provide due-diligence on cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

We can provide a cryptocurrency escrow service for suitable candidates and protect against fraud and theft. Immediate transfer of coins into safe storage in case of the crash of exchanges or hacking.

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